About Natalie

Beckerman Pic 2016TLC (Thinking Like Customers), obsessing about doing the right thing and representing the voice of the customer sums up the essence of Natalie.  Over the past 20 years, she has created top-tier customer service organizations dedicated to conquering the customer experience, and driving customer service excellence and strong operational performance into companies across the USA, UK and EMEA.

In May 2017, Natalie assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at a Fortune 500 company to, among other responsibilities, drive the customer experience into operations.  Prior to this, Natalie was the Vice President of Sales and Service for CREDO Mobile and previously, the SVP of Customer Service for Thames Water Utilities Ltd, the largest Water and Sewerage Company in the UK.  Natalie has also been the SVP Customer Experience for a parcel delivery company and has held senior customer-related roles for Levi Strauss & Co (EMEA) and Telefonica O2 UK, a telecommunications, internet and financial services provider.

Natalie is not afraid to push boundaries or dive into the deep end head first in order to make it better for the customer.  Sometimes, service failures help companies recognize the need for change and growth.  Service blunders can also cause great embarrassment and the recovery process can be painful and expensive.  Natalie has vast experience in improving service and protecting the customer experience while helping companies meet their operational and performance goals.  She maintains an extensive repertoire of tools, insights and ideas to achieve success.

Whether in Fortune 500 services, consumer goods, retail, start-ups or technology companies, Natalie drives change for the better.  She is direct, honest and proactive.  She is known to GSD (Get S**t Done), build new business and increase revenue and turn around performance, while re-energizing and invigorating businesses and teams.  Her collaborative and open approach is combined with her strong sense of humor and her abundance of energy.  She has the natural ability to bring people together with her on the service transformation journey.

Natalie earned an MBA from the University of Bath, School of Management, a Master Coaching Qualification from the Behavioral Coaching Institute, an MS from Michigan State University and a BA from Northwestern University, where she was a Division 1 Field Hockey All American and also spent five years as an active member of the United States Olympic Field Hockey Squad.

Enjoy Service Woes and Wows!