Service Goals or Service Resolutions?

We often think about setting goals for a sporting event or for work objectives, yet we tend to think of New Year’s Resolutions only for our personal fortitudes.

When we think of service, we think of setting goals for better performance, better metrics, better CSAT or NPS scores, yet we don’t think about Service Resolutions.  Why not?  Service Goals or Service Resolutions?  Which one?

A service goal is a target or a result that an individual or a team wants to achieve whereas a resolution is a change to the way you service, how you operate or how one might behave.  These changes are things you do every day, not just certain days, months or quarters of the year.

If you achieve your goal but don’t make lasting changes in the way you operate, will it be truly sustainable?  Is one good without the other?

My suggestion is that we need both Service Goals and Service Resolutions.  We have all heard the famous Henry Ford quote, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Therefore, we need to recalibrate our service goals for 2018 and agree what we might do differently to achieve those goals and keep growing and developing our efforts and our teams.

In my case, how will I improve my business’s operational performance as well as develop and grow my team individually and collectively?  How will I improve our technology and our platforms to suit our customers better, and how and what will I deliver that will effortlessly improve the customer experience by changing processes and behavior as well as performance?  How will I keep changing and growing?  How will I develop my team?  These are questions one must ask at the start of any quarter or year.

May the year 2018 be the one in which you crush your new performance goals with resolutions that allow for lasting change and awesome service enhancements.

Happy 2018!

Service Woes and Wows?  You decide!


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