It’s the little details that matter.

My new role requires me to go from taking public transportation into the city to driving to the office each day.  As my current car lease was due to expire, I made the decision to purchase a new car.  The experience could not have been easier.  I explained the amount I was willing to spend/pay, what I wanted and when I needed it.  Simple.  My experience was good.  I then completed the signing of the 100’s of documents required and all seemed easy and pain free.

But then, I didn’t get my plates or my paperwork when they said it would come.  I thought what has gone wrong?  I did it all right on my part.  But then, I realized as I tracked down my documents and my license plates that there was 1 digit wrong in the processing.  That one digit meant my plates could not be delivered and everything got sent back.  I chased and chased and chased and tried to get this corrected.

Eventually, I gave up.  How could one little number matter?  It does.  A 3 should have been a 5 and that was it.  Check each piece carefully.  Make sure that if a mistake is made, you don’t suffer the consequences.  Sorting itself out doesn’t always happen.  You need to take responsibility of the ‘the little things.’  Little mistakes can become costly experiences for all.

Eventually, two months later, the postman, figured it out and delivered my plates and documents.  At last, all was good.  The details matter.

Service Woe or Wow?  You decide?

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